A Swedish Experience


About Us

Swedish food, made with patience and love, at an affordable price - that's the core principle of Mysigt, a hidden gem located at Doyle Link Drive, a 5-minute walk away from Clarke Quay MRT. Overlooking the Clarke riverside, immerse yourself in stunning, scenic views with a glass of wine and a plate of Smörgåsbord in a restaurant that exudes luxury without sacrificing homeliness. After all, we are Mysigt, and that's Swedish for cozy!

We pride ourselves on our dedication to fresh, authentic Swedish food. Many of our dishes are inspired by recipes passed down from generations, but with a unique, modern twist - core principle of our business. We strive to make every diner's experience genuinely Swedish and our menu speaks for itself - a hand-picked selection of popular and also aventurous foods native to Sweden. That's the heart of our business.

"Say goodbye to long queues at IKEA Food! Singapore's dining circle has been rapidly expanding in the last five years, but there was still something lacking in Swedish cuisine until Mysigt arrived and dominated the scene with it's hearty and delicious food. We love their customisable dishes and affordable prices. If you're at Clarke Quay for the weekend, Mysigt is definitely the place for visit."

"The preferences of their diners are the only aspect that Mysigt values more than the superb quality of their dishes. 5 stars for diverse vegetarian options! Did we mention that dining at Mysigt is so affordable that you could very much drop by every single evening straight after work?"

"One of the very few restaurants that have perfected their art. The next course is just as delectable as the last. From drink to dessert, Mysigt doesn't fail to deliver."

"...the Swedish potato dumplings are simply out of this world."

Mysigt    #16-41, 8 Doyle Link Drive, 688901 Singapore,    95558459